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Tech.bankraya.co.id is a collaborative blog platform designed to empower Bank Raya's employees to contribute to the bank's employer branding efforts. Go to the websites ↗
Scope of Work
UI Design, Prototyping, Handsoff
Figma, Jira,
Project Duration
4 Weeks



Bank Raya, a growing Indonesian fintech institution, wanted to boost its employer brand image by leveraging the unique expertise and experiences of its employees. They desired a platform where employees could share stories, insights, and perspectives about what it’s like to work at Bank Raya.

How Might We?

How might we: create a platform that empowers employees to share their unique experiences and contribute to building a strong employer brand for Bank Raya?

Approach : Why a blog websites?

We proposed a collaborative blog website as the most suitable solution for several reasons:

  • Empowers employees: Provides a platform for employees to share their stories, insights, and perspectives, fostering a sense of ownership and engagement.
  • Authenticity: Creates a platform for authentic and diverse voices to be heard, offering a more genuine picture of the work environment.
  • SEO benefits: Blog content can improve search engine ranking for relevant keywords, increasing brand visibility to potential candidates searching online.
  • Cost-effective: Compared to traditional recruitment marketing methods, a blog website offers a cost-effective and scalable solution for attracting top talent.
  • Community building: Fosters a sense of community among employees by creating a space for them to connect, share ideas, and learn from each other.

This strategic approach aimed to leverage the power of employee voices to build a stronger employer brand for Bank Raya, ultimately attracting and retaining top talent within the competitive fintech landscape.



Due to limited time, we followed the method that was divided into two sprints to Designing MVP Subway Mobile Apps in two weeks for each sprint process.


We conduct simple competitor analysis by checking other websites and what they do. We pay special attention to the websites that show long-form content like articles. We also evaluate their features, readability, and quality of content.

Font and Accesibility Guidelines

We also check the accessibility of our font choices, based on some criteria. We consider the contrast, size, spacing, and alignment of the fonts, to ensure they are easy to read and understand.

We also adjust the number of words per line, depending on the device and screen size. This way, we can optimize the user experience when reading long-form content on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices.

For the heading font, we decided to use BRIneue. BRIneue is a custom corporate branding font for BRI Group. We chose this font because it reflects the brand’s values of innovation, professionalism, and trustworthiness.

For the main text used in content and blog, we selected Source Serif Pro. This is a versatile and elegant serif font that offers high readability and contrast. We think this font complements BRIneue well and creates a harmonious and engaging typography for our website.



After that, we start to craft the design, visual look and feel, and present our final product. Here is the design we created for our website. We followed a systematic and strategic design process, based on the principles of simplicity, consistency, and accessibility.

We also obtained feedback from stakeholders and users at various stages, to ensure that our design aligns with the objectives and expectations of our client and target audience. We are proud of our design and we hope you like it too.


To showcase Bank Raya brand personality and story, inspired by Bank Raya friendly mascot. We created illustrations are colorful, playful, and dynamic, reflecting creativity, fun, and innovation.  We hope you like our website illustrations as much as we do.



I love designing websites. It’s like a fun puzzle, making everything look good and work smoothly. But it’s not just about the look – websites need to work well on phones, tablets, and computers, and everyone needs to be able to use them easily. Thanks to the developers and everyone who helps, my designs come to life and become real websites! It’s a team effort, and I’m proud of what we create together.

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